What We Do and Why We Do It!

     Raul and I are the owners of a 2,800 acre guest/horse ranch in Baja California, Mexico. The name of our ranch is Rancho La Bellota. We’ve done this for over 20 years and have met many people during this time many of which have become dear friends of ours.
     Besides ranching, even before I met Raul some 30 years ago, he was a natural explorer of his native land, Baja California. After we were married in 1987 I began to travel with him and our two kids in tow, up and down the peninsula to the most breath taking and beautiful areas in Baja.
      The Cirios trees in the Vizcaino Desert which is a protected area by the Mexican Government are always an attraction because they look like upside down carrots sticking up out of the sand! Or the incredible Cardon Cactus that grows up to 60 feet tall and some bigger than that. Or the pine forest of San Pedro Martir which are also protected lands and the home of the California Condor Project where scientist and biologist are working very hard to restore the condor population which was at one time on the verge of extinction.
     Every January, we take groups down to the San Ignacio Lagoon to see the whales which is another unforgettable experience. When a gigantic California Gray Whale brings her newborn calf up to the boat and proudly shows us her baby, there’s no words to describe how touching this experience can be. The gentle giants of the sea!
     With these points in mind, and out of love for the Baja and it’s majestic natural wonders, it’s friendly people, wonderful food, it’s history and so much more, we’ve decided it’s time to offer trips to these most special places that we have visited time and time again. Send us a message or an email to: rancholabellota@yahoo.com for more information, if you have questions or if you want to say hello we’ll be very happy to hear from you.
     We’re also on the iOverlander app with our GPS location and other helpful information about the ranch, what we offer at the ranch to fellow travelers like ourselves which you can easily download onto your phone.
     Because our ranch is situated just 40 miles south of the Tecate, Ca. USA border crossing, it’s the perfect place to take a break if your driving south or heading north.  We offer an established camping area to all Overlanders underneath the shady oak trees with bathrooms, running water, and showers. There is internet but at the top of our hill. No problem, it’s all part of the adventure! We ask that only 4×4 Suv type vehicles visit us because the road down into our valley will not accomodate extra large RV’s or long neck trailers. Our ranch is a safe place to relax, rest and gear up for your journey ahead. We’re also pet friendly.  If you plan to come for a visit please check in with a quick email to let us know when you plan to arrive just in case we’re out and Overlanding ourselves!
We’ll look forward to hearing from you and Happy Overlanding!
Raul and Caroline Aguiar, Baja Peninsular Overland by Rancho La Bellota
Email: rancholabellota@yahoo.com
Website: rancholabellota.com
Here are some photos of our ranch and our Overlanding trips. I hope you enjoy them.
                                               Raul and Caroline Aguiar
                                    The main patio at the ranch
                                            Breakfast that morning on the beach!
         A perfect constrast in a Baja California landscape. No photo shop in this one!
                                 In the mountains of San Pedro Martir
                                                             Back at the ranch!
You can read more about us at http://www.rancholabellota.com and I’ll continue to post about our Overlanding Excursions here on our new blog. More coming soon and thank you for reading this.