Ready to Roll! Almost!

Raul and I are so excited about our new Overlander vehicle. Right now I’m sitting in our truck at the mechanic’s shop while Raul and the mechanic, a genius of a guy named Miguel who fabricates off road desert race cars, are working on our Vehicle.

Back at the ranch we’re preparing a nifty camp site for the Overlanding community. The site will have bathrooms, hot water, sinks, and a place to was dishes. It’s a beautiful spot underneath the oak trees but with enough sunshine to charge those solar panels! At night you might hear our horses passing by the fence line on their way to the water hole or an ocasional coyote!

Raul and I are very interested in meeting fellow travelers like ourselves and this is why we decided to set up the camp site. Just one rule!

Come to the ranch with an open mind. This isn’t the place for high maintenance people who are looking for a 5 star campground and we’re not an RV park.

Our ranch is an authentic working ranch AND a guest ranch. People who really enjoy getting out into nature, and who enjoy a star studded night sky, good conversation, rest and relaxation this is the place for you. And, if you would like to go for a horse back ride we can arrange that too!

We’re on Facebook too. Just look for Rancho La Bellota and you’ll find us.

After we leave here (mechanic shop) we’re off to the carpenter to see about making cabinets for my mobile kitchen and we’re going to buy the paint for the Overlander sign when you enter the ranch. Raul says he’s in charge of painting it. I’ll supervise!

Here are some pictures of the truck. It’s looking good! Thank you for reading this and happy travels to all!

Raul and Caroline Aguiar

Baja Peninsular Overland by

Rancho La Bellota

And this is one of 4 of our Queensland Heelers. We’re also pet friendly!