Eager to Get on the Road Again

A few days ago, we received a unexpected surprise from our brother in-law: a brand new logo! His name is Leonardo Martinez and you can find him at Off Road Racing Designs on Instagram or Facebook. Raul and I are absolutely delighted with it. Thank you Leo!

As we prepare for our December trip Raul and I often discuss our travels plans which also include campsite plans and set up. In other words, we’ve assigned each other daily jobs to avoid stepping on each others toes or overstepping boundaries. When living in tight quarters 24/7 that might become an issue. And I say might.

A view of our Overland campsite at our ranch.

Apparently my job is not only that of navigator and kitchen duty but it will be up to me to keep track of expense records, picture archives, basic map and ioverlander navigation. Raul is driving and will be in charge of setting up camp.

Wow, before overwhelm set in I was fortunate to have read yesterdays post from a lovely travel blog called, It’s Her Van, who wrote an article on how to archive, organize and save pictures, and the importance of a little black book for keeping data, mileage and other notes to refer to while traveling. Excellent articles!

My kitchen is done. Just a few more details but it’s basically ready.


Last week, Micheal and Annie, originally from the UK visited us before heading south into Nicaragua on the Pan American Highway. They saved for two years to do this trip, then bought their van in Canada and continued south until we met them just a few days ago. Their blog is called, A Couple More Countries, you’d like to stop by and see how they’re doing.

Raul and Michael poured over maps, and talked about places to see while on the peninsula. It was a pleasure to meet them and we wish them safe and happy travels.

Sunset at the ranch.

Plug outlets for our bullet blender! Datil (date) shakes for breakfast!

Raul and I are eager to go for a test run before the trip but by the time the tent is ready (Raul’s design) we wont have time. Rancho La Bellota is a guest ranch and we will be busy this fall season.

So I said to Raul why not camp out on the ranch? Surely on 2,800 acres of land we can find a place to camp. Well, why not the new Overlander campsite? So thats what we’ll do. Camp out on our own property before the big trip.😊

Another ranch view from the campsite. Lots of hiking trails too.

We welcome your comments and if you’d like to stop by while traveling North or South on the Baja Peninsula you can contact us at: rancholabellota@yahoo.com

Happy travels and Hasta pronto!

And thank you for reading this post😊❤️