New Friends Visit Again


We’ve had a return visit this week from Overlanders’ and our new friends John and Suzanne from Tigger Travel’s as they prepare to fly home for a few months and see their family. As their slogan says, “Bouncing All Over the World”, this is no joke when it comes to Overlanding.  One night over dinner, it suddenly occurred to me what I once thought of as the great big world is actually not as gigantic as I thought.   At least not in the Overlanding community.

Suzanne and John refer to their friends/and the lovely people they’ve met during their extended four year trip around the world as if they lived right down the street, when actually,they live in different countries, and faraway countries at that! Everywhere from Nevada, to Canada, Mongolia, the Netherlands, France, and Mexico!  They’ve been to over 32 countries but no need to list them all here. You get the idea.

John and Suzanne’s Tigger

As I sat and listened to their stories, a sense of friendly community, of relationship, sincerity and generosity came over me and as I understood from their experiences, be it over the internet, through instagram, or Facebook as well as in person, the Overlanding community is quite large and very special indeed.  Friends whom may not see each others faces for extended periods of time perhaps years, if ever, are colleagues, workmates, mentors, teachers, travelers and friends no matter where they are in the world.

The heart of an Overlander should be one with plenty of space in it for adventure, enthusiasm for life, for meeting new people, creating lasting relationships, sincerity and generosity and a humble heart thrown in there too.

Overlanders are supportive of their  fellow travelers. Let the motto be, “Always ready to lend a helping hand clear across the world, sure, no problem!”

Although Raul and I have traveled up and down the Baja Peninsula numerous times during our 31 years of marriage, we’re now entering the Overlanding Realm.  A special kind of kingdom which brings freedom, adventure, discovery, community, a kind of wildness to just be and not have to put on airs for anyone. Especially your travel companion!  Who needs Game of Thrones when you’re an Overlander?

Tunas ready for picking
Here is a picture of our electrical lighting system that will be inside the tent. If we need to jump out of the tent in a hurry (nightly bathroom trips) we just flip the switch and lights are on all around the truck. Nifty!

Raul plans on watching movies with his laptop at night in the tent.  See the charger outlets??

Raul’s work area. Obvious. 🙂
Suzanne and Caroline out for a ride!
A view of the cabin area just outside the kitchen

As always, thank you for reading this and happy travels to everyone. 🙂

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