One more week! Woohoo!

We have exactly one more week before we embark on our 20 day Overland adventure! Destination, inland Mexico!

Our daughter Christine and her partner Fabian have super rigged out their Jeep Wrangler with all the amenities, roof top tent, a Dometic refrigerator and so have we as you can see here in the picture above.

My husband Raul designed everything on our truck from the shower set up to solar panels up top. And do you want to know what excites me the most about this truck? The refrigerator!

How many of you remember carrying an ice chest, hunting down ice wherever you could find it or pulling the ham and cheese out of the icy cold water it was floating in? Well no more!

We’re taking our Australian Shepard, Abby with us. She’s only 14 weeks old but she’s learned to ride in the car, along with sit, stay and come. She’ll be a great traveling buddy!

I have to admit as departure day draws near I’m a little apprehensive about it. Twenty days is a long time and as I was discussing with my daughter yesterday, how will we do arm in arm with our significant other 24/7 for that long? We were having fun of course but in such close quarters I wonder. I have asked other Overlander couples who have visited our ranch how they do it and here is what they advised.

Patience. Communication. Allow time for each person to have some quiet time in their personal space and the need to be right, isn’t always the best approach. Team work! I’m all for that😊

My daughter Christine laughed and said, “Well mom if you hear some yelling from our campsite don’t worry about it. Oh well…….

We are really looking forward to this trip and as soon as we get on the road I’ll have more pictures and videos for you to look at. Until then thank you for stopping by!

We’re on Facebook too! Baja Peninsular Overland

Have a great day!

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