Our Adventures in Erendira!

On Thursday, Raul and I headed south on one of our “close to home excursions”. Somewhere along our 3 hour ride we briefly dreamed about our plans to drive to Alaska. This was cut short as we both remembered our current times and agreed Alaska would have to wait.

We were on our way to visit our friends Kathy and Stuart who have a summer house in a gorgeous place neither Raul or I had been to in about 25 years. Baja is loaded with special places like this one that not many know about. A long time ago, we used to drive down a lot when our kids were”kids”!

Raul and I during our 2 mile walk up the coast

San Vicente was our first stop at a restaurant called Mi Ranchito which I highly recommend. Clean bathrooms, great service and the food is delicious. They’re famous for crab machaca. Yum!

Famous for their Crab Machaca!

After leaving Mi Ranchito we had to double back about 10 minutes because we had passed the turn off to where? Erendira!

Erendira is a small fishing/agricultural village, I’d say a small town now. The beaches are imaculent, with rocky cliffs, tide pools, pristine views. Camping is high on the list here as well as surf fishing.

Upon arrival

Today Kathy, Stuart, Raul and I are going for a walk on the beach to the tide pools and I might do some drawing/painting. Stuart is a pro so he said he’d give me a quick lesson on perspective and color values. Yay!

Sea anemones!

This morning Im sitting in front of the fire pit watching the ocean. The haze is lifting and my coffee never tasted so good! Raul, who was intently observing a flock of sea gulls on the beach decided they were alright amongst themselves and went back to bed. This, the photo…

Coffee, drawing and writing this post!

Our short walk turned into a 2 mile walk as we explored a vast variety of tide pools! There was also a volcano (not active) and it was amazing.

We saw sea anemones, tiny hermit crabs and bright green plants growing all around the cliff side. After our trek, we came back, had lunch and that’s when we noticed a pod of dolphins again. We saw them the day before probably feeding but they were very close to the shore. I wondered if it was the same group?. Im not a fan of ocean swimming (too many killer shark movies in my youth) but Im a very good swimmer.

That said, I got a hair brained idea to swim out there and get as close as I could. It seemed like a good idea! Of course Raul though I was nuts.

Stuart had a boogie board. I threw on my suit and high tailed it out to the water. Fortunately the waves were calm. A few hit me hard but I hung on to that boogie board for all it was worth and this 53 year old lady did just fine.

After a good 20 minute struggle against the breakers I soon realized the dolphins were further out than I realized. I thought I’d float around for a while and then head back to shore. What a refreshing swim!

My camera was charging so we didn’t get any pictures, darn it. Not of me but of the dolphins. Next time!

Later that day Stuart and Kathy made us a Halibut for dinner which was delicious. Time around the campfire and the ocean lulled us to sleep once again.

Finally, our day of departure arrived Saturday morning. Sadly, we left Kathy and Stuart around 9am and decided to do some off roading by way of the coastal route that would take us directly to Santo Tomas and the highway.

We passed an absolutely gorgeous bay and surf spot called Punta Cabra among many other hidden inlets for wild/beach camping.

Punta Cabra

Three hours later we were in Santo Tomas and back in Ensenada shortly after that. What an adventure!

4 thoughts on “Our Adventures in Erendira!

  1. Caroline I enjoyed seeing your and Raul’s adventure down south. And to think you are a good swimmer! You know your mother was an active swimmer. I always loved it. We used to go over to St Simons for a picnic under the big oak trees. A lot of times with a church group. After swimming in the ocean we would go into the Casino pool. It was great but they had a high, high diving board and we had to dive, but it was scary. I didn’t mind diving but I hated to bounce on the board and go even higher. Daddy never was much for swimming (He didn’t like water getting into his ears, and Lillian didn’t like getting too much sun. You are a lot like Mother; she was an adventurer.
    Best Wishes, Uncle Donald 8-16- 20


    1. Uncle Donald! I didnt realize this was you until I read your comment! My mom actually pre-taught me to swim. She was always there when I was in the pool learning until one day I realized I could float! And the rest is history.😊So good to hear from you. Please give our best to Aunt Wanda from both me and my mom❤️


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