New Friends Visit Again

We've had a return visit this week from Overlanders' and our new friends John and Suzanne from Tigger Travel's as they prepare to fly home for a few months and see their family. As their slogan says, "Bouncing All Over the World", this is no joke when it comes to Overlanding.  One night over dinner, it suddenly [...]

Eager to Get on the Road Again

A few days ago, we received a unexpected surprise from our brother in-law: a brand new logo! His name is Leonardo Martinez and you can find him at Off Road Racing Designs on Instagram or Facebook. Raul and I are absolutely delighted with it. Thank you Leo! As we prepare for our December trip Raul [...]

Ready to Roll! Almost!

Raul and I are so excited about our new Overlander vehicle. Right now I'm sitting in our truck at the mechanic's shop while Raul and the mechanic, a genius of a guy named Miguel who fabricates off road desert race cars, are working on our Vehicle. Back at the ranch we're preparing a nifty camp [...]